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3 Types of Engraving Methods For Your Wedding Rings

So you already got the perfect pair of wedding rings through special discounts using online shops voucher codes. The next step, of course, is to personalize these rings by engraving your initials and a meaningful phrase on them. If you are not yet aware by now, there are actually three methods of engraving.

Hand-Engraved Rings

This method of engraving designs and inscriptions on jewelry, especially wedding rings, has been around ever since jewelry by invented. Since this type of engraving is done by hand, it may be imperfect at the time, and the letters may not have that machine-precision found in other methods. Nevertheless, many would actually prefer hand-engraved rings as the resulting inscription would definitely be unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s definitely old school, yet many people find it charming.

Also, this manual method of engraving offers the artist the ultimate freedom regarding choosing symbols designs and lettering styles. And since, there is no template; the artist can actually create his own style should he wish to do so. The only possible problem is that the quality of the finished artwork will ultimately depend upon his skills.

Machine Engraving

One of the cheapest ways to have your favorite inscription or design etched to your wedding rings is to have them engraved by a machine. Usually, it is done with the ring securely put in place by a vise grip which comes with the machine. Then, the engraver will etch the letter or design by tracing a template.

The advantage is that the letters would come out neat and uniform. The disadvantage would be that the available templates of the engraver could set the limit as to what letter styles and fonts you can choose.

Laser Engraving

Regarding flexibility in font style and size options, laser engraving is a better option than machine engraving. With its complicated programming, the operator can just input whatever message you want to be engraved on your wedding rings, and the system will just direct the laser pulses to carve those message with ultimate precision on your ring.

Also, the laser engraving method will allow you to etch very complicated designs on your rings. Since a laser beam is powerful, the machine is fully capable of etching designs on rings regardless of the type of metal they are made of. Yes, they etch designs into materials harder than gold such as titanium, platinum, stainless steel, tungsten and even diamonds.